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How PossiBill Works

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The Possibilities Are Endless

PossiBill™ is a bill presentment and payment solution that provides a wealth of benefits. From cost reduction to accelerated cash flow to paperless billing, PossiBill delivers. Here is a close look at the benefits.


littleEnvelope   Rapid Bill Presentment

From the time you provide billing data using our secure data transfer system, your bills will be ready for presentment within 24 hours. Bills reach customers more quickly, and you get paid faster.


littleEnvelope Multiple Payment Avenue

Customers enjoy an expanded range of payment options, including online and by phone using either credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone payment system operates 24 hours a day.


littleEnvelope  Reduce Postage Costs

Companies that send a lot of bills will enjoy an immediate reduction in costs. No more postage. No more forms. No more printing. No more leased equipment.


littleEnvelope  Reduced Office Chores

Office staff will be freed to concentrate on other responsibilities, because PossiBill manages all print and distribution chores.


littleEnvelope   Paperless Billing Option

PossiBill offers customers the option of traditional printed bills or paperless e-bills that are announced by e-mail. This is a great option for customers who handle their finances online and for green-minded customers.


littleEnvelope  Customer Communications

We can design your invoices with space for company announcements and promotions.


littleEnvelope  Additional Payment Options

You can offer your customers a complete range of payment options. They can pay online by credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). They can pay by phone 24 hours a day. They can call the office to pay by credit card, or they can mail you a check.


littleEnvelope   Reduced Billing Costs

You’ll be able to stop ordering blank invoices, stop printing bills, and stop stuffing envelopes. Cost savings of $.30 to $.50 per bill are typical.


littleEnvelope  Customer Convenience

Consumers who shop online are accustomed to conducting business at their own convenience. You’ll be able to satisfy them by offering online bill payment and 24-hour pay-by-phone using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. They’ll also be able to view their billing history online.


littleEnvelope  Marketing

We create customized invoice forms that can include sections for announcements, promotions and coupons. You’ll be able to deliver company news and alert customers to seasonal promotions in every bill.


littleEnvelope  Invoice and Payment Tracking

PossiBill’s online portal helps you manage billing and receipts. You can review invoices before they are mailed, then track payments as they are made. Office staff can quickly access billing statements and payment histories.


littleEnvelope  E-Mail Address Harvesting

PossiBill accelerates the process of gathering customer e-mails, because customers must provide their e-mail addresses to look up their accounts or choose the paperless billing option.


littleEnvelope Compliance

PossiBill is PCI-compliant and HIPAA-compliant.


littleEnvelope Easy Integration

PossiBill is easy to use. If your enterprise software can export data, it can work with PossiBill. Customers access their account information through a PossiBill portal that is linked into your website design. PossiBill works with any credit card gateway.