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Q: Will I need a new website to use PossiBillâ„¢?
A: No, you will not! PriMedia will integrate your PossiBill Payment Portal into your website design. Visitors can pass from your site to a PossiBill page without noticing a change. If you don’t have a website or are looking to improve your existing site, PriMedia can help.

Q: Will PossiBill work with my enterprise software?
A: Yes! If your enterprise software can export data, PossiBill can work with it.

Q: Will I need to change the way I process credit cards?
A: No! PossiBill can integrate with any existing gateway.

Q: How will I transmit my billing data to the PossiBill servers?
A: We accept data transfer by secure FTP, and we encrypt your transmission. We use multiple layers of security, all input is filtered, and we use continuous log review and active scanning processes to verify data integrity.

Q: Can I review and approve the bills before they go out?
A: Yes! Once we have prepared your invoice documents, we send you an email notification. You can then review and approve the documents through our convenient Web portal.

Q: Can I include customer communications on my bills?
A: Yes! Invoices are completely customizable and can include customer communications. PossiBill can also be used to market loyalty credits programs, digital newsletters, PriMedia’s online Price Protection Contract System, website specials and coupons, and referral programs.